Gymnastics for Pre-Schools

Brain Development | Physical Well being | Motor Skills | Life Skills

The Hunter Sports Centre offers schools a variety of opportunities to engage in gymnastic activities under the guidance of fully qualified gymnastics instructors. We offer the opportunity to participate in 5 or 10 week programs, one off fun days and sport specific programs. All programs are customised to suit the needs of the school and the age of the participants.  


Pre-Schools often engage us for 'one off' fun sessions that provide their students a unique opportunity they don't receive anywhere else. Guided by our qualified instructors our programs are tailored to this age group providing opportunities to explore, have fun and experience the thrill of hanging, swinging, rolling, jumping and climbing in a safe, supervised environment.




Further Information about this Program

  • We work on a ratio of 1 instructor to 15 participants
  • The minimum number of students required is 15 (you can have less but you will be charged for 15)
  • Teacher particiaption is required for the purpose of assisting with control and discipline
  • Session times are generally 1hour in duration however you can request a longer program
  • Transport is the responsibility of the school

The Benefits of Gymnastics

Gymnastics is one of the few sports that offer children the opportunity to tip upside down and develop physical abilities that are important for their overall development. These days' playground opportunities are reduced, where children can climb, jump, hang etc because society is protecting itself from potential litigation.


A gymnastics program delivered by experienced instructors can provide children with these safety skills.  

The Gymnastics for Pre-School focuses on motor skills which are learnt in early childhood.

  • Statics
  • Locomotion
  • Spring & Landing
  • Swing
  • Rotation

Charges will vary depending on the program, numbers and timeframe but are kept to a minimum to ensure affordability.


Gymnastics - The nursery of Australian sport