Kindergym in Australia

Kindergym in Australia is governed by Gymnastics Australia.

To ensure you and your child receive quality Kindergym instruction by qualified Kindergym instructors you should be familiar with the following visual images which indicate the Club you are attending is accredited with Gymnastics Australia.

As of Janunary 1 2013, only clubs displaying this logo are accredited providers of Kindergym programs under the new participation program LaunchPad, developed by Gymnastics Australia and the Australian Sports Commission.


The LaunchPad logo and approved provider stamp, is your guarentee the Club you are attending are aligned with Gymnastics Australia and have atteneded the most recent development courses and comply with the minimum standards to provide quality programs under the LanchPad banner.



This is the former branding of Kindergym Australia. Clubs dissplaying this logo may still be accredited Kindergym providers but may not be accredited under the new LaunchPad participation program.