About Gymnastics

The Hunter Sports Centre is affiliated with Gymnastics NSW and Gymnastics Australia. Gymnastics Australia is the National Sporting Organisation recognised by the Australian Sports Commission responsible for the development of Gymnastics based sports such as Kindergym, recreational participation gymnastics, Men's and Women's articitic gymnastics, Rhythmic gymnastics, *Trampoline Sports, Sports Aerobics and Sports Acrobatics. 

(*Gymnastics NSW is not associated with any Trampoline Park in NSW .) 


'By Year Four, at least 80 per cent of students should have mastered key fundamental movement skillsIn New South Wales, it’s less than 40%!'

(‘NSW Auditor-General’s Report: Physical Activity in Government Primary Schools’, Audit Office of NSW, 2012)


'Movement, is a powerful medium for learning through which students can develop and practice a range of personal, social and cognitive skills.’

(‘ACRAR Health and Physical Education Report, March 2012’)