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The Hunter Training Program (HTP) commenced in 2003 as a regional training program for male gymnasts. Although still open to anyone within the region, all current members are registered with the host club, Hunter Sports Centre (HSC). In 2004 the HSC set-up the HTP Supporters Group to assist families involved in competitive gymnastics. The principle role of the committee was to raise funds to help provide support in the area of uniforms, competition entry and other expenses associated with being involved in competition gymnastics.

The HTP provides young men and adolescents an opportunity to excel in one of the most difficult world sports. Regardless of long term competitive success, the sport of gymnastics and the training associated with this sport will provide a physical foundation for life like no other sport. In addition, we like to think we are able to contribute in helping form a well-rounded individual who desplay respect, discipline, positive attitudes and a desire to want to continually grow.  

The HSC is responsible for all program related decisions. This includes employment of coaches and administration management of the program including training fees and charges. The HTP Supporters Group is available to assist with all competition related activities such as uniforms, contributing to entry fees, organising fundraising opportunities and coordinating extracurricular activities such as information sessions for parents and gymnasts. 

It is important to understand, all coaches and judges attending competition as a HTP representative are not paid (employed) for their time. This decision was made early in the set-up of the program as the costs associated to employ staff to attend competition would increase training fees to a point where the sport may become out of reach some. For this reason a major part of the HTPSG fundraising goes into providing support to coaches and judges in the form of accommodation and travel expenses. 

President: Keiron Jeanes
Vice President: Jodie Boudan
Treasurer: Rohan Kennedy (HSC representative)
Secretary: Jennifer Thompson 
Fundraising: Leigh Chow
Uniform Officer: Kylie Inman
General Members: Michelle Slatter, Michelle Hesse, Xanthe Lee, Alex Bullard

General members are welcome but must pay a $2 membership fee (per family) to have a voting right (1 vote per family).

Monthly meeting are held at the Centre with the AGM held in November of each year. All families are welcome to attend.

Fundraising Information - Chocolate Drive | Events | Mango Drive  | Pit Cleaning

All competition information is distributed at training and via other commuication methods such as the HTPSG Facebook Group and Team App 

Both pre competition and post competition information can also be found on the Gymnastics NSW website (for NSW events only). 

HTP compete in both the Senior season (levels 7-10) and Junior season (levels 1-6), With the senior boys competing predominately brtween February & May and the junior boys between June - October.

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